Home-made Choccies…

Lots of selection boxes left over from christmas? …and a strict healthy diet you’re suppose to be sticking to? Then I have the answer!

Instead of the standard thankyou letter to those nearest and dearest… why not add a few homemade chocolates to it as an extra little thanks.

So for me, santa definately delivered and in my stocking were these adorable mini foil chocolate/sweet cases.

So, I decided to experiment and make my own chocolates using the left overs from my selection box and the hazlenuts left at the bottom of my stocking.

And heres how I did it.


. Preheat the oven to 180.

. Then deshell the hazlenuts with a nutcracker. (the traditional one, not Tchaikovskys champ.)

. Pop them on a baking tray and roast until they turn golden brown.

. Then take a clean dishcloth and rub off the skins.

. I then popped each whole hazlenut into a foil case.

. Then boil a pan of water on the hob and place a heat resistant bowl on top, so that when you place the broken up chocolate in the bowl, the heat from the boiling water will gradually melt it.

. Add a splash of single cream to make it a little more runny and a more appealling texture.

. Once this is done, pour the melted chocolate into the individual cases and place into the fridge to cool.


C x


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