Here are three products that have been tried and tested.

Lavender oil- £0.99-£2.99
You can get lavender oil at your local health food shop, holland and Barrett. Pop a few drops into your bath before bed, and a couple on your pillow. The scent has a calming effect which aids in relaxation and reduces anxiety.
( tip:- lavender oil can also work as a mosquito repellent when rubbed on the skin)
 Lavender oil
Calming chamomile £10- Body Shop
Spray a liberal amount on your pillows, and there will be no need to count sheep.
This mist is loaded with jojoba and chamomile which eases tension, aids calm, and has been seen effective in fighting depression.
Calming chamomile
Sleep balm- £12 This works.
Sleep Balm
This balm contains both lavender and coconut. Rub into your temples just before bed and you’ll soon drift off.
 5 things to do before bed :
1.  Have a relaxing bath
2. Avoid alcohol or cigarettes before bed.
3. For some people, a light snack before bed aids sleep, If hungry, have a banana, small bowl of low-fat cereal or granola.
4. Have a mug of Camomile tea
5. Do some easy stretches.

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