Beauty workshop

What comes to mind when you think of spray tans? The only way is Essex? Streaky tangerine mess? Think again. 
As a Scottish skinned ginger snap, I’m not normally blessed with natural olive skin, Instead I have a speckled complexion made up of undefined freckles.
When monday comes around, after a heavy weekend, like most of my friends, i have this idea that i will keep up a healthy ‘fake’ tan along with a new diet and fitness regime. 
I usually indulge in a Johnson’s tinted moisturiser, or a spray/moose Boots own Soltan.
So when I was presented with the opportunity to claim a free spray tan with St Tropez at the Selfridges Beauty Workshop, I jumped at the chance.
Booking my new tan was incredibly easy and the girls on the reception desk were exceptionally  friendly, even when I mentioned that I was running 15 minutes late. 
When I arrived I got  introduced to a perfectly tanned lady who would be seeing me bare my pasty body. She explained everything in full and asked me how deep I wanted my tan to be. She recommended the ‘natural’ shade. And handed me my garments to get changed into; a paper thong, a shower cap and stick on foot pads.
The room itself had black walls and was quite dimly lit, which instantly made me feel more relaxed and calm about taking my attire off and getting into my fetching tanning kit.
The experience itself was quite exciting, I came out looking quite dark, although, that’s the initial colour that will work itself into the layers of skin. After 6-8 hours you can wash it off. I washed mine off after 6 hours and was left with a really natural, even, all-over healthy glow. No streaks, no orange palms or fingers, tangerine elbows or knees. The tan itself lasted for about 10 days. It faded gradually, and I wasn’t left with dirty looking patches. 
Beauty columns often say that a good tan can take off 10lbs. I don’t know about 10 lbs, but it defiantly made me look more toned, and gave me that extra inch of body confidence.
An all over professional, friendly and pleasant experience. 
And at a price of just £25.00. I will definitely be heading back there again. 
C x
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