Welcome to Powder and Pies… the blog that mixes both beauty with food!

I decided that instead of forcing my unhealthy love affair with food and beauty onto my friends on facebook, i’d create this ‘dear-diary’ blog that boshes the two together.

So, just a little smidge about me; I’m 25, born and bred in Someeerset and moved to the Big Smoke at 19 to go to the London College of Fashion to study Prosthetics and Make-Up for the Performing Arts. I’m now a professional Make-Up Artist for Film, TV and Fashion, and have been for 5 years and counting.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with some true film legends, both infront and behind the camera.

I’ve worked on productions from ‘Harry Potter- and the Deathly Hallows. (Parts 1 & 2) ‘ ‘LOVE’ magazine, equine make-up (make-up on horses) for ‘Warhorse’ to vampires and werewolves in Tim Burtons ‘Darkshadows’.

I LOVE eating, cooking and dining. Every other word that usually comes out my mouth generally involves food, and im always planning when or where I’m going to get my next food fix from…

So now let me take you behind the scenes of my career and my life, with beauty tips, product information and reviews and an equal amount of making and baking… ENJOY!

C x


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Jo Turley says:

    Oooohh, so looking forward to all the beauty tips I can get. (Did you make up the name Powderandpies or is this a site???) xxxx

  2. Maria attwell says:

    This sounds fab. Will be tuning in regularly for lots of tips. Xxx

  3. Aunty Lou says:

    I love pies:o)x

  4. Paulo says:

    This sounds like fun- you could try a make-up done with food products! thinned melted chocolate eyeliner, raspberry jelly blusher… a meal on a face!!
    Good luck with it all!x

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