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As a lover of cakes, I wanted to try baking something that wasn’t your average looking cupcake. The perfect opportunity arose when discussing with my boyfriend what we could do to raise only for Scope, his chosen charity for the Brighton marathon. ( http://www.justgiving.com/cris-jones ) A cake sale was a simple idea, that normally people are happy to put money to as they get something back…. Hmmm…. So he’s Italian, an Italian cake?… Or a cake that looks like  Italian food… PERFECT. Spaghetti and meatball cupcakes (also his Nana’s signature dish.)
What you will need:
-sponge cupcake of your choice- ( I made a plain sponge, adding a teaspoon of vanilla extract)
Ferraro Roche
Jam (I used strawberry)
Buttercream icing (I used aunt Bessie’s as its quick, I tinted the colour with a yellow food colouring and coco powder) 
Once you have all your pre-baked cupcakes
Pop your coloured icing into an icing pipe. The piping doesn’t necessarily haven’t be that tidy. I found that mine came out like wiggly spaghetti anyway due to the pressure of the small pipe. 
Once this is done, roll the Ferraro Roches around in the bowl of jam. 
Pop the jam covered ‘meatball’ on top of the icing ‘spaghetti’. If you feel the need to add a bit more jam, then do so. After, finish it off with a grating of white chocolate ‘Parmesan’ 
Then voila.
Bon appetite 
C x 
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