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Iv decided to expand my skill-set, so I’ve purchased a acrylic nail starter kit. 

It’s got everything’s need, just everything’s in reasonably small quantities. I have already applied the acrylic tips and powdered monomer on myself. I love it. I keep wanting them to grow out more so I get to practise. 
Iv already had two clients.
See pictures below. 
If anybody fancies getting their paws pampered. Let me know
Nothing like a bit of self advertising eh? 




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DIOR Vernish -2009 fall, Mystique Violine

DIOR Vernish -2009 fall, Mystique Violine

So ladies and gents, only one more day until the weekend, which I am sure for most of you will be an intoxicating one full of adventures.

First, I’ll get all the formula/application talk out of the way.
The design is nicely put together. It is well pigmented and smooth. The applicator flat brush, is one of my favourite applicator brushes that I have used.
The chrome caps pull off to reveal a curved, ribbed cap to use during application, which is a little easier to handle than the usually larger caps. The varnish went on perfectly after two coats.
Now that’s done, lets chat colour.

Mystique Violine looks like a reddish brown in the bottle and when you apply it you can see the dark plum in its base. Dried, it’s a whole other story. It becomes a rich, “almost black” dark chocolate.

After waiting about 20 minutes it was dry and the end look, was sleek and smooth.
But one day later, the varnish had chipped at the tips of the nails.
I didn’t apply a top coat as I would usually recommend as I like to see how the varnish holds on its own for my reviews.

All in all, I probably wouldn’t spend £15 for a varnish that only lasts one day. I’d rather get a professional polish.

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Witches French Mani…

Witches French Manicure

Just thought I’d share this piccie of my ace new gel nails created by SHARON LUNN. I’d seen this design on instagram, so when I had my new nails applied I was eager to create the look.

Sharon used the gel nail varnish shown in the picture.

As she didnt have a matte black nail varnish we applied it and then buffed the shine off with a nail buffer.

She then used the same nail varnish to create the black shiny tip on top, (without buffing)

You can get this look using any colour of gel nail varnish by just using the buffing technique. This will save you from splashing out on two different nail varnishes.

I will see if you can create the same matte look with normal nail varnish and get back to you…

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