Chloe Wolf ‘One Step’


New to the music scene for 2013 is Australian born, UK bred solo artist Chloe Wolf. The release of her track sampler ‘One Step’ on soundcloud on the 1st of January has started quite a buzz.

After a wave of positive response from her Lana Del Rey cover on youtube, there has been great anticipation in the release of her original material.

‘I’m intrigued by this one’ – Larry Flick US radio show host.

Vocalist and lyricist Chloe Wolf began her journey when she teamed up with producer/ songwriter/musician Sarah deCourcy. Every day they experiment with sounds, words and stories that have truth that resonate with who they are as individuals. There are no rules. The mixture of melody and voice combined with organic and electronic sounds give this record its identity.
‘Fleetwood Mac ‘Big Love’ meets running up that hill.

‘It has a real darkness – i love the mood of it!’ – Steve Anderson Music Producer

Sarah deCourcy has previously worked with artists such as Kylie Minogue, Nicole Scherzinger right through to the success of new wave, electronic band Hadouken!

‘What really excites me is working with artists that have strong ideas and messages to say through their music. This really inspired me when I started working with Chloe.’

This has been a development process that Chloe and Sarah have worked on and built from the ground up, with the album reflecting on a lot of Chloe Wolf’s experiences of moving to London.

‘Me and Sarah are the sound! – Its amazing the freedom I have working with her to musically express emotions that would otherwise become redundant.’ – Chloe Wolf

‘I’m not one for emotional music but this girl has turned me!’ – Charlotte Summers Co- Founding director of Suitcase Magazine.

I got to catch up with the stunning Chloe, who is currently studying PR at Westminster University and ask her a few quick-fire questions. Guess you CAN be talented, beautiful and clever all at the same time…


I had quite I diverse musical background. My mum was a Gospel Choir director so I listened to everything from Limit – X – The Beegees – The Bangles – right through to Britney Spears & Backstreet boys. I was a huge Backstreet boys fan!


My first album. Well there were two. Backstreet Boys; Millennium and Celine Dion; Let’s talk about love. My most recent album was actually Kate Bush Red Shoes… I wanted to own the physical copy.


This is an interesting one, I reckon Kings of Leon or James Blake.


SIA! She never ceases to amaze and inspire me. She’s such and incredible top liner, lyricist, and what she can do vocally is just mind blowing. Her intonation when she sings is just stunning!


This is a tough question because I don’t think I sound like anyone in particular but I draw inspiration and adore Fleetwood Mac and Kate Bush.


An Abundance of John Mayer, Fleetwood Mac, Kings of Leon, Kate Bush, Florence and the Machine and Jamie Cullum. I have so many different artists on there…and I would be lying if I said I didn’t have Britney Spears, Femme Fatale and Blackout on repeat!


This may sound totally cliche but the most inspirational person I know is my mum. She is the most motivated, driven and focused person I know. She taught me to be headstrong and to never let anyone speak negativity over my life. You cannot guarantee the situations you are placed in or personalities you will encounter. But you can manage your expectations and be strong enough in who you are that no matter what happens in life you can always be you!



I adore Moroccan Oil. I use it as a serum to put in my hair before blow drying, but also to put moisture back into my hair when dry. My hair has been through all extremes of hair dye so its important to put back the natural moisture that gets stripped out by bleach.


I think I’d have to say Paw Paw ointment. It is the one thing that gets me through winter. Chapped lips to dry skin and even on your hands, it is the one item I will always carry in my bag.


Always moisturize before bed and when you wake up or before you apply your makeup and drink lots of water! A large degree of how quickly your skin ages is down to genetics, however that also depends on how well you take care of your body.

For more, head to Chloe’s YouTube channel…


Iv decided to expand my skill-set, so I’ve purchased a acrylic nail starter kit. 

It’s got everything’s need, just everything’s in reasonably small quantities. I have already applied the acrylic tips and powdered monomer on myself. I love it. I keep wanting them to grow out more so I get to practise. 
Iv already had two clients.
See pictures below. 
If anybody fancies getting their paws pampered. Let me know
Nothing like a bit of self advertising eh? 




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As a lover of cakes, I wanted to try baking something that wasn’t your average looking cupcake. The perfect opportunity arose when discussing with my boyfriend what we could do to raise only for Scope, his chosen charity for the Brighton marathon. ( ) A cake sale was a simple idea, that normally people are happy to put money to as they get something back…. Hmmm…. So he’s Italian, an Italian cake?… Or a cake that looks like  Italian food… PERFECT. Spaghetti and meatball cupcakes (also his Nana’s signature dish.)
What you will need:
-sponge cupcake of your choice- ( I made a plain sponge, adding a teaspoon of vanilla extract)
Ferraro Roche
Jam (I used strawberry)
Buttercream icing (I used aunt Bessie’s as its quick, I tinted the colour with a yellow food colouring and coco powder) 
Once you have all your pre-baked cupcakes
Pop your coloured icing into an icing pipe. The piping doesn’t necessarily haven’t be that tidy. I found that mine came out like wiggly spaghetti anyway due to the pressure of the small pipe. 
Once this is done, roll the Ferraro Roches around in the bowl of jam. 
Pop the jam covered ‘meatball’ on top of the icing ‘spaghetti’. If you feel the need to add a bit more jam, then do so. After, finish it off with a grating of white chocolate ‘Parmesan’ 
Then voila.
Bon appetite 
C x 
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DIOR Vernish -2009 fall, Mystique Violine

DIOR Vernish -2009 fall, Mystique Violine

So ladies and gents, only one more day until the weekend, which I am sure for most of you will be an intoxicating one full of adventures.

First, I’ll get all the formula/application talk out of the way.
The design is nicely put together. It is well pigmented and smooth. The applicator flat brush, is one of my favourite applicator brushes that I have used.
The chrome caps pull off to reveal a curved, ribbed cap to use during application, which is a little easier to handle than the usually larger caps. The varnish went on perfectly after two coats.
Now that’s done, lets chat colour.

Mystique Violine looks like a reddish brown in the bottle and when you apply it you can see the dark plum in its base. Dried, it’s a whole other story. It becomes a rich, “almost black” dark chocolate.

After waiting about 20 minutes it was dry and the end look, was sleek and smooth.
But one day later, the varnish had chipped at the tips of the nails.
I didn’t apply a top coat as I would usually recommend as I like to see how the varnish holds on its own for my reviews.

All in all, I probably wouldn’t spend £15 for a varnish that only lasts one day. I’d rather get a professional polish.

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A video I created the hair and makeup on a while ago along with Delilahs personal.

Tip of the day…


Four items a girl should always carry.
 Concealer- to erase imperfections, eyelash curlers for a wide-awake look. Mascara. And a good lip balm. 
These all instantly lift and brighten the face.


Here are three products that have been tried and tested.

Lavender oil- £0.99-£2.99
You can get lavender oil at your local health food shop, holland and Barrett. Pop a few drops into your bath before bed, and a couple on your pillow. The scent has a calming effect which aids in relaxation and reduces anxiety.
( tip:- lavender oil can also work as a mosquito repellent when rubbed on the skin)
 Lavender oil
Calming chamomile £10- Body Shop
Spray a liberal amount on your pillows, and there will be no need to count sheep.
This mist is loaded with jojoba and chamomile which eases tension, aids calm, and has been seen effective in fighting depression.
Calming chamomile
Sleep balm- £12 This works.
Sleep Balm
This balm contains both lavender and coconut. Rub into your temples just before bed and you’ll soon drift off.
 5 things to do before bed :
1.  Have a relaxing bath
2. Avoid alcohol or cigarettes before bed.
3. For some people, a light snack before bed aids sleep, If hungry, have a banana, small bowl of low-fat cereal or granola.
4. Have a mug of Camomile tea
5. Do some easy stretches.


Beauty workshop

What comes to mind when you think of spray tans? The only way is Essex? Streaky tangerine mess? Think again. 
As a Scottish skinned ginger snap, I’m not normally blessed with natural olive skin, Instead I have a speckled complexion made up of undefined freckles.
When monday comes around, after a heavy weekend, like most of my friends, i have this idea that i will keep up a healthy ‘fake’ tan along with a new diet and fitness regime. 
I usually indulge in a Johnson’s tinted moisturiser, or a spray/moose Boots own Soltan.
So when I was presented with the opportunity to claim a free spray tan with St Tropez at the Selfridges Beauty Workshop, I jumped at the chance.
Booking my new tan was incredibly easy and the girls on the reception desk were exceptionally  friendly, even when I mentioned that I was running 15 minutes late. 
When I arrived I got  introduced to a perfectly tanned lady who would be seeing me bare my pasty body. She explained everything in full and asked me how deep I wanted my tan to be. She recommended the ‘natural’ shade. And handed me my garments to get changed into; a paper thong, a shower cap and stick on foot pads.
The room itself had black walls and was quite dimly lit, which instantly made me feel more relaxed and calm about taking my attire off and getting into my fetching tanning kit.
The experience itself was quite exciting, I came out looking quite dark, although, that’s the initial colour that will work itself into the layers of skin. After 6-8 hours you can wash it off. I washed mine off after 6 hours and was left with a really natural, even, all-over healthy glow. No streaks, no orange palms or fingers, tangerine elbows or knees. The tan itself lasted for about 10 days. It faded gradually, and I wasn’t left with dirty looking patches. 
Beauty columns often say that a good tan can take off 10lbs. I don’t know about 10 lbs, but it defiantly made me look more toned, and gave me that extra inch of body confidence.
An all over professional, friendly and pleasant experience. 
And at a price of just £25.00. I will definitely be heading back there again. 
C x
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Home-made Choccies…

Lots of selection boxes left over from christmas? …and a strict healthy diet you’re suppose to be sticking to? Then I have the answer!

Instead of the standard thankyou letter to those nearest and dearest… why not add a few homemade chocolates to it as an extra little thanks.

So for me, santa definately delivered and in my stocking were these adorable mini foil chocolate/sweet cases.

So, I decided to experiment and make my own chocolates using the left overs from my selection box and the hazlenuts left at the bottom of my stocking.

And heres how I did it.


. Preheat the oven to 180.

. Then deshell the hazlenuts with a nutcracker. (the traditional one, not Tchaikovskys champ.)

. Pop them on a baking tray and roast until they turn golden brown.

. Then take a clean dishcloth and rub off the skins.

. I then popped each whole hazlenut into a foil case.

. Then boil a pan of water on the hob and place a heat resistant bowl on top, so that when you place the broken up chocolate in the bowl, the heat from the boiling water will gradually melt it.

. Add a splash of single cream to make it a little more runny and a more appealling texture.

. Once this is done, pour the melted chocolate into the individual cases and place into the fridge to cool.


C x


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Witches French Mani…

Witches French Manicure

Just thought I’d share this piccie of my ace new gel nails created by SHARON LUNN. I’d seen this design on instagram, so when I had my new nails applied I was eager to create the look.

Sharon used the gel nail varnish shown in the picture.

As she didnt have a matte black nail varnish we applied it and then buffed the shine off with a nail buffer.

She then used the same nail varnish to create the black shiny tip on top, (without buffing)

You can get this look using any colour of gel nail varnish by just using the buffing technique. This will save you from splashing out on two different nail varnishes.

I will see if you can create the same matte look with normal nail varnish and get back to you…

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